Petrushka Show

This colourful musical puppet presentation was created as an introduction to the world of puppetry. 
The goal of the presentation is to tell children about the origins of puppetry and to demonstrate it’s applications in different cultures. We will show 5 different types of puppets and tell the story of each particular puppet style. The key to this presentation is a dialog with an audience – questions and comments will be welcomed and encouraged.

The presentation will include:
• hand puppet
• bunraku puppet
• table-top puppet
• full-body puppet
• marionette

Each puppet will perform a short musical number to demonstrate its technique and beauty. 
Our Petrushka (a close Russian cousine of Mr.Punch) will perform a song using his swazzle-made voice.
This presentation is great for a mixed audience but children should be old enough to ask questions and participate in a dialogue.

The stage is not required. Perfect for a casual events.

Dear Teacher: We’re looking forward to presenting Petrushka Show for your students.

This study guide has a synopsis of the show, information about the production, and some background on the Vancouver Puppet Theatre.

Please click here for a printable version of Petrushka Show Study Guide.

Kind Regards,

Viktor Barkar Artistic Director and founder of the

Vancouver Puppet Theatre

We will need 2 regular tables and 4 regular chairs.

The performing space must be 7 X 7 feet minimum with a place
for an audience in front.

The audience could be seated either on chairs or on the floor around
of the performing space.


Contact Name: Viktor Barkar

Email us 24/7:

Call: 778-330-4313

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